2 Credits

Earn CPE by reading Current Accounts!

Current Accounts now features a self-study test for CPE credit. Each issue will have a 10 question test and will be worth 2 hours of general credit. A grade of 70% or better qualifies for CPE credit. Tests can be submitted for CPE up to two years after the publication issue date.

After registering for the test, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the self-study test. Look for the "CURRENT ACCOUNTS SELF-STUDY TEST" in the body of the email confirmation for a link to take the test. Upon completion of the test, your answers will be graded and within 2 business days you will either receive an Event Acknowledgement stating you passed the test along with certificate of attendance or an email stating you did not pass along with a link to retake the test.

Major Topics

In The July/August issue of Current Accounts

  • Meet Your New GSCPA Chair: Barbara J. Evans, CPA, CGMA
  • Tax Season Due Dates-How the New Dates Will Affect the Workload
  • Financial Instruments: The Rewrite of FASB 115
  • Making the Most Out of Your Experience Requirement


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