2019 Technology Conference (13040)

Thursday, July 18, 2019 / Atlanta, GA

Join GSCPA and K2 for one of the largest technology conferences for CPAs. Leaders will provide attendees with tools that can be immediately put into practice. Longer sessions allow for a deeper dive into practical application of the information.

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CPE: 8.0 credits

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Nationally recognized speakers will explore current tech trends, security and visualizations. Designed for CPAs at all levels and from all areas of the profession, IT professionals working at CPA firms, and accounting and financial professionals seeking to improve their personal and organizational productivity. 

This conference is a paperless conference and all materials will be available electronically as PDFs. Materials will be available to download in advance and participants will receive an email when they are available. For more information on eMaterials visit ematerials.gscpa.org.
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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Continental Breakfast and Registration

Welcome and Announcements

A- Tech Update - Today's Biggest Trends, Solutions, and Opportunities Credits: 2.0 GN

Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

Technology continues to revolutionize how we work; those who ignore this fact do so at their own peril. To remain successful, business professionals must stay on top of technology trends, implement the best solutions, and seize opportunities as they appear. Learn about a wide variety of technology trends, solutions, and opportunities, including spending trends, software licensing issues, leading-edge hardware, mobile and cloud strategies, and security risks.

Networking Break

B1- A Scary Ride Through the Dark Web Credits: 2.0 GN

Thomas G. Stephens Jr, CPA, CITP, CGM
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

You have heard of the dark web, but have you experienced it? If not, buckle up for a scary ride through the underbelly of the internet. Here many illicit and illegal activities occur every day, potentially affecting our personal and organizational security. Experience first-hand the dark web and all that it entails - both positive and negative. Understand why it is important to secure your information so that you do not become yet another dark web victim.

B2- Going Virtual - Technology to Support Remote Team Members Credits: 2.0 GN

Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

“Going virtual” has evolved beyond anywhere, anytime, any device access to full-service remote support. There are a wide variety of tools that help us work virtually. Learn about many of them, including multi-factor authentication, hosting, VOIP telephony, video conferencing, document management systems, portals, Microsoft Bookings/Teams/TimeTrade, and employee portals.


C1-Improving Communicaitons with Effective Visualizations Credits: 1.0 GN

Thomas G. Stephens Jr, CPA, CITP, CGM
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

Charts and graphs are nothing new. However, many professionals struggle with building effective visualizations. If that statement describes you, take part in this session to improve your skills when building visualizations. As a result of doing so, you will be able to create visualizations that will enhance your communication skills. Learn how to create advanced charts that are interactive, dynamic, and animated.

C2- Current Tech Crimes - Ripped from the Headlines Credits: 1.0 GN

Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

Security is a top concern for CPAs every year. Yet many hacks result from organizations not implementing effective internal controls over information technology. Discuss critical IT-related controls using a case study approach, specifically through real-world examples of breaches and security failures. Accordingly, you will better understand how to protect your company and its data.

Networking Break

D1 - Sales Tax Compliance in a Post Wayfair World Credits: 1.0 GN

Thomas G. Stephens Jr, CPA, CITP, CGM
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

The Supreme Court's Wayfair decision changes the game with respect to sales tax compliance. Now, many states are rushing to implement laws requiring even small businesses to charge, collect, and remit sales taxes on transactions that cross state lines. As a result, sales tax compliance just became infinitely more complex and many businesses could be looking at substantial fines and penalties for not complying. Learn about your new compliance requirements and tools you can use to meet these requirements.

D2- Personal Technologies Including Home Technologies and Automation Credits: 1.0

Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

No doubt, personal technologies are now mainstream. But can we automate our homes – and businesses– for convenience and security? What about connecting smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home units, into our lighting systems or our surround sound TV systems? Can we automate these, and other, to provide even more convenience, security, and privacy? Explore the options available to tie various systems together. For more sophisticated needs, you will learn the fundamentals of using integration tools like, “If This, Then That (IFTTT),” to handle the task.

Networking Break

E - Excel's Best New Features Credits: 2.0

Thomas G. Stephens Jr, CPA, CITP, CGM
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

With the release of Excel 2019 and updates in Excel provided through Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft continues to pack new features into the popular spreadsheet tool. Enhancements to Power Query, new functions, and improved collaboration opportunities are all available in newer versions of Excel. For those who know about these new features and how to apply them, exciting opportunities for improved productivity await. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how you can put Excel's best new features to work right away.


Conference Site

GSCPA Learning Center
6 Concourse Pkwy Ste 800
Atlanta, GA 30328



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