Help Us Help You! Become a GSCPA Volunteer


In-person meetings of statewide GSCPA committees and task forces generally take place at the Society offices in Atlanta. If this is not convenient for you due to distance or other factors, you can volunteer right from your desk. Meetings can be attended via teleconference, video conference, and webinar.

At GSCPA, our number one priority is serving our members. And we need your help! As a member of the profession, you are familiar with the needs of CPAs in our state — and you probably have some great ideas about how current needs can be better met and how to best anticipate and prepare for future needs in an ever-changing environment.

A great way to help shape GSCPA policy and programming is to serve on one of our committees, task forces, advisory councils, or chapter officer roles. A variety of opportunities are available, for those who can give only a small amount of time, as well as those who can give more. With many meetings held via teleconference, we make it easy for members throughout the state to participate.

If you are interested in serving the Society at a higher level governance capacity in the future, membership on a committee, task force, advisory council, or serving as a chapter officer, is a great place to start.

Serving in a GSCPA volunteer capacity is also a good way to network with professional colleagues and to learn from the inside about the operation of a statewide 501(c)6 nonprofit organization. Share ideas and best practices and further your professional development.

I’ve participated in GSCPA at both the local and state level. From the professional development, networking, and relationships developed, my time spent volunteering with the Society has been mutually beneficial throughout my career.
– Jessica H. Cawley, CPA

GSCPA has a committee to suit almost any interest and skill set. If you are thinking about volunteering for a specific committee but would like more information, we can put you in touch with the staff liaison or a current member of that committee.

If you are interested in learning more about the Society’s volunteer opportunities, click here or contact the
 Member Services Department at 800-330-8889, extension 2986.