Duane Tolander

Duane is a Managing Director and Co-founder of HDH Advisors, LLC, and has served as a business advisor and consultant to privately owned business for the past 30 years. Mr. Tolander advises clients regarding ownership aspects of their business, whether it involves an acquisition; sale to a management team, outside third party or ESOP; or transfer to family members. He helps clients determine value, structure, equity and financing needs. Because of his background as a CPA, he is uniquely qualified to advise clients on tax-related forecasting and strategic planning aspects related to a transaction. He also performs business valuations related to estate and gifting issues, ESOPs, litigation matters and marital dissolutions. Mr. Tolander has worked with business owners on transactions throughout the United States and often is involved in the negotiation process. Mr. Tolander also works with attorneys and business owners on litigation issues involving company value or other financial aspects. His experience includes providing expert testimony and working with attorneys in developing their cases. He has determined damages for stockholder disputes, contract and noncompete cases, wrongful deaths or terminations, and product liability suits. An Iowa native, Mr. Tolander practiced as a CPA through 2012 and was a partner with a local accounting firm in West Des Moines