Warren Miller

Warren Miller, CPA/ABV, CMA Beckmill Research/Lexington, Virginia Warren Miller is the co-founder of Beckmill Research, Lexington, Virginia. It limits its activities to strategic management, business valuations, and market research (B2B only). Before going out on his own in 1991, he was an internal auditor for Union Pacific, treasurer and CFO in the successful turnaround of United Video Satellite Group (better known today as TV Guide Inc.), and a strategy academic. Beckmill Research's primary focus is business valuations and related activities. These include due diligence, strategic analysis, competitive intelligence, deal structure, research into transactional multiples, and, of course, valuation. The firm's primary target market is closely-held businesses with $2 million to $200 million in annual revenues. Miller is also a prolific writer. His third article in the Harvard Business Review came out in May-June 2000 ("The Ghost in the Family Business"). He is also writing a series for CPA Expert on assessing unsystematic risk and for the business-and-industry supplement of the CPA Letter on various topics of interest to closely-held businesses, including boards of directors, customer satisfaction surveys, the high cost of competing on cost, and so on. His work has also appeared in the American Fly Fisher ("A Morning in the Life of America's Esquire") and in the Academy of Management Executive ("Irrelevance, Intransigence, and Business Professors"). Among other associations, he is active in the Strategic Management Society, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Rotary International, and the Culver Legion. He is an active presenter at various national professional conferences.