Max Hunt

Blume Loveridge & Company, PLLC/Bellevue, Washington Max Hunt is a specialist with over 23 years experience in affordable housing programs administered by HUD, the Rural Housing Service of the Department of Agriculture, and state housing finance agencies. He spent approximately 15 years in public accounting as an auditor of HUD program participants, including multifamily borrowers and single-family lenders, and not-for-profit organizations, including those subject to A-133 and program specific audit requirements. He spent an additional 8 years working with HUD in the administration of insured HUD loans. Mr. Hunt is an advisor to CPA's and their clients regarding HUD program changes, especially accounting and tax implications of mark to market and Section 8 contract policies. A former member of the AICPA's Governmental Accounting and Auditing Committee and Non-Profit Organizations Committee, Mr. Hunt is also author and instructor of the AICPA's continuing education courses on HUD multifamily borrower audits and audits of HUD-regulated lenders. He is also the lead author of "Practitioner Publishing Company's Guide to HUD Audits", the primary industry audit guide for audits of multifamily borrowers and multifamily and Title II and Title I lenders.