Emma Loggins

Emma Loggins is a web designer and developer, entertainment blogger and social media coach. She is the founder and creative director of Excite Creative Studios, where she provides a one stop shop for all of her clients' digital marketing needs - helping them create a loyal and excited fan following! She has a Bachelors and Masters Degree Degree in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA and received the "Best in Show" award for her field, and in 2009, she received her MFA in Computer Arts and New Media at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Emma is also the founder and editor of the popular entertainment news site FanBolt.com, a site with over 185,000 members - one of the strongest examples of her work. Emma has been featured in a number of publications - including CNN's Geek Out where she was a contributing writer for several years.