The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA) is currently undergoing the process to modify the Society’s Bylaws. In accordance with the bylaws, potential changes were discussed and approved at the Spring Leadership Council meeting. The final step in the process is a vote of the Fellow and Lifetime members of the Society.  

The modifications to the GSCPA Bylaws require an affirmative vote by two-thirds of the Fellow and Lifetime members who vote. Thank you, the voting period is over.

Why Change the GSCPA Bylaws?

The GSCPA Board of Directors and Chair Scott Collins saw a need to modernize and clean up the Society’s Bylaws. Last updated in 2009, the Board of Directors felt the bylaws needed modifications to reflect association best practices and allow for greater flexibility to respond to changes in the CPA profession. 


What is Proposed?

Most of the proposed changes to the bylaws are small adjustments that fall under the categories of modernization or clean up. There are three additional, significant themes: 

  • Greater flexibility for the Board of Directors to prepare for and react to changes in the profession and the Society’s membership 
  • Enhanced definitions for membership reinstatement, resignations, terminations, and penalties for non-payment of dues 
  • Removal of Sections, a program that was sunset by the Board of Directors several years ago

You can review the proposed changes to the bylaws by clicking on the “Proposed GSCPA Bylaws – Changes Marked” link above. The red and green text signifies edits to GSCPA’s current bylaws. A “Proposed GSCPA Bylaws” version without the edits marked has also been provided above. 

How We Got Here

After the Board of Directors determined there was a need to review the Society’s Bylaws, they formed a task force. This task force met several times over the last five months to review the current bylaws, debate possible changes and finally determine the proposed modifications presented to the GSCPA Board of Directors and Leadership Council. 
The Board of Directors reviewed the Bylaws Task Force’s recommendation and passed a motion unanimously supporting the recommended changes. The Leadership Council was presented the task force’s recommendations and passed additional amendments. The Leadership Council then voted to approve the proposed changes and move them to the final stage, a vote of the Fellow and Lifetime membership. 

What's Next?

A vote on proposed GSCPA Bylaw changes will be open for 30 days. Fellow and Lifetime members are eligible to vote and may do so by clicking on the “Go Vote” box above.  For the bylaws to be ratified, two-thirds of the members voting must vote “Yes” to approve the changes. 
Voting members will be asked to provide their name, address and GSCPA membership number to verify their eligibility to vote. If you do not have your membership number, please call 404-231-8676 or 800-330-8889. Members are only permitted to vote once. 

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If you have any questions concerning the changes to the GSCPA Bylaws or the ratification process, please contact GSCPA at 404-231-8676 or the Society’s COO, Greg Wilder at