Audit Staff Essentials: Experienced Staff (2 Day)**
September 11-12, 2017  |  Event Code: 09001  |  8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.   |  16 hours A&A
Experienced staff take on an expanded role on engagements with more technical or advanced accounting and auditing topics. Discuss examples and exercises that focus on the increasingly advanced topics from accounts receivable, to inventory price testing and obsolescence. Along with an application based discussion of common account balances and transactions, review other topics key to a successful and well-rounded experienced staff member, including tasks such as risk assessment, sampling, engagement management and supervision, and working paper review.
$635 M, $635 NM (by 8/21); $685 M, $685 NM (8/22 - 9/8); $700 M, $700 NM (after 9/8)

Audit Staff Essentials New Staff: Core Concepts (2 Day)**
October 11-12, 2017  |  Event Code: 10001  |  8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.   |  16 hours A&A
First year staff will be provided with the foundational knowledge they will need to be successful, not only on their first few engagements, but throughout their careers. The information presented will plant the roots of a successful auditor and member of the firm. From introducing the audit from the perspective of the firm, rather than the classroom, to understanding the dynamics of in-firm and client relationships, the information stresses the core knowledge that an auditor will need.
$635 M, $635 NM (by 9/20); $685 M, $685 NM (9/21-10/8); $700 M, $700 NM (after 10/8)

Audit Staff Essentials: Seniors/In-Charge Staff (2 Day)**
December 11-12, 2017  |  Event Code: 12033  |  8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.   |  16 hours A&A
Focus on the more advanced areas of the audit for new senior/in-charge staff providing guidance, examples and exercises to build the skills to successfully obtain the audit evidence necessary in these areas. In addition to the technical knowledge review, have a deeper discussion of the audit process, highlighting discussions on materiality, review of risk assessment, understanding the entity, opening balances, group audit considerations, and review of interim financial information. In addition, look more closely at the risk assessment process. 
$635 M, $635 NM (by 11/20); $685 M, $685 NM (11/21 - 12/8); $700 M, $700 NM (after 12/8)