Art & Anson- Let's Talk Gov Shutdown as it Affects the IRS

Although the 2018 government shut down ended on January 22, the temporary resolution expires February 8, 2018. In this video, Art and Anson answer your questions of how a government shutdown affects the IRS and what to do in the event of a government shutdown. Stay tuned to GSCPA for more information on tax season preparation. 

Per Art & Anson, items to note regarding Internal Revenue Service and government shutdown:
1. Tune into GSCPA website for a message from Art and Anson regarding the government shutdown.
2. All deadlines for filing extensions and payments remain in force with no extension of time.
3. The IRS will process and deposit all payments.  Please note specifically trust fund payments that must be made timely.
4. Most refunds will be delayed until full IRS funding is restored.
5. Use the United States Postal Service for any filing with IRS that has a time deadline.  There is no guarantee that any IRS personnel will be available to sign for FedEx or UPS items.
6. Anyone with installment payments or OIC payments needs to make them timely.