Philanthropy Campaign 

Seasons greetings: 

I am writing to ask for your help with philanthropy focused on the accounting profession with a tax benefit. As a tax accountant the combination is music to my ears!

I have been involved in accounting for over 46 years. Because of my accounting background I have had a very successful career. I’m making a good living, and I am helping individuals, companies, and organizations succeed. Now I want to “PAY IT FORWARD” by helping The Educational Foundation of The Georgia Society of CPAs. The mission statement of the Foundation includes the following goals:

1) Inform individuals and the public about the breadth of opportunities provided by accounting and the CPA profession;
2) Raise funds to support programs. 

I am personally asking you to help The Educational Foundation address these two mission statements. There are over 13,000 members of The Georgia Society of CPAs. If we average $10 per member, the Foundation would receive $130,000. Please consider making a contribution before the end of the year. You will receive a tax deduction, but more importantly, you will be helping your profession. 

The Development Committee came up with several approaches to encourage you to make a yearly contribution. For example:
Contribute $5 (less than a Starbuck’s grande latte or a Chick-Fil-A meal) for each year you have been involved in the accounting profession;
Contribute an amount in honor/memory of an accounting professor who had a positive impact on your life;
Contribute an amount for a fellow accountant/boss/co-worker who had a positive impact on your life;
Establish a plan to give on an ongoing basis for the long-term benefit of the accounting profession.

If you contribute an amount in excess of $55, the Foundation would like to give you small token of appreciation. It is a “PAY IT FORWARD” t-shirt identifying you as a supporter of the accounting profession.

Donate Now!

Your donated funds will be used to educate the public and students of the outstanding opportunities available to accounting professional and support Foundation programs, encouraging the best university students to pursue a career in accounting.

I am making a contribution of $5 per year I have been in accounting plus a donation in honor/memory of several people who impacted my accounting career. If you know individuals new to the profession please encourage them to consider starting a new tradition; for seasoned individuals consider “PAYING IT FORWARD” to provide new CPAs the opportunities you experience as a successful professional.

Thank you for your serious consideration of my request. If you have questions, concerns, feedback or comments, please let me know. I appreciate your time and donation.

One final thought. It would be wonderful if you would continue to “PAY IT FORWARD” by sending a personal requests to your peers that have the best interest of the accounting profession at heart. Just another way to “PAY IT FORWARD.”

The best time to contribute to The Educational Foundation was in 1957. The second best time to contribute to The Educational Foundation is TODAY!

Colin Blalock

2017-2018 Educational Foundation Development Committee Chair