GSCPA's new CFO Series, starting in June, is a convenient, proven, one-stop solution for CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs. Each monthly topic offers eight hours of CPE through high-quality presentations and an interactive, executive-level colleague-to-colleague approach.

Live Stream: CFO Series: Advanced Skills, Made Easy
September 21, 2021
Live Stream: LS09005
Increase your organization's ability to see its future and strengthen the confidence that your CEO, Board and bank have in you. Review advanced methods for assigning overhead. Learn how to fix a poorly organized chart of accounts and how to create better PowerPoint presentations.

CFO Series: Cash Management
October 19, 2021
In-Person: 10010  |  Live Stream: LS10010
Discuss how to leverage your accounts receivable and accounts payable skills to add value and help your organization succeed. Structure A/R to provide your organization a strategic advantage. Proper cash management requires planning and forecasting; explore the methods and models to help you understand which ones would work best for your organization. Examine many proven tactics to make your meetings highly productive.

CFO Series: Corporate Performance Management
November 16, 2021
In-Person: 11036Live Stream: LS11036
Discuss how to identify and track your organization's critical success factors, why "what causes cost?" is the most critical question in management accounting, how to use metrics to create flexible budgets and rolling forecasts and converting "too much data" into useful information.

CFO Series: Emotional Intelligence
December 14, 2021
In-Person: 12031Live Stream: LS12031
Learn why emotional intelligence is the critical factor in success; find out how to motivate the right way; examine real-world business ethics cases; and learn better ways to deliver bad news.