Monday, December 11 Program Schedule

8 - 11:30 a.m.
Current Issues in Accounting and Auditing: An Annual Update

Event Code: 12034  |  CPE: 4 A&A
Designed for accounting and attestation practitioners at all levels in both public accounting and business and industry, receivbe an overview of recent accounting, compilation, preparation, review, and attestation matters including recently issued Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs); the FASB's comprehensive new Revenue Recognition standard - ASU No. 2014-09; lease accounting; financial instruments; SSARS No. 21, Clarification and Recodification; current attestation matters that need to be on your radar; and other important A&A practice matters you should be aware of.

12:30 - 4 p.m.
More than Meets the Eye: Examining the New Lease Accounting Standard
Event Code: 12038  |  CPE: 4 A&A
Implementing ASU No. 2016-02 is sure to have a major impact on your balance sheet - and potentially on your business as well. A one-stop shop for what you need to know about the upcoming changes to lease accounting. Review how to measure the lease liability and Right of Use asset that will now be recorded on the balance sheet for all leases. Also tackle the tricky issues of accounting for lease modifications and other lease remeasurement events, as well as address the other major provisions of the new standard, including transition. Also review the income statement treatment of lease expense for all leases for both lessees and lessors. 

8 - 11:30 a.m.
Meet Your Next Migraine: Five Critical Issues that Will Confront CPAs in Industry in 2017

Event Code: 12036  |  CPE: 4 General
Tax law complexity. Uncertain legislative outlook. Confidential data under siege. Regulatory confusion. Standards overload. Yes, it can all be enough to make you want to take two aspirin and a nap, but understanding the forces affecting your tax public practice is critical to success in today's complex and rapidly changing market. Tackle pressing issues at a `need to know' level and then discuss the practical implications. You will come away armed with the `big picture.' Preparedness is half the battle, so do not miss this critical briefing. 

12:30 - 4 p.m.
Proven Controls to Steer You Clear of Fraud

Event Code: 12040  |  CPE: 4 A&A
Organizations that fall victim to fraud (and that is every organization in the world) have many controls in place to combat fraud. Discuss means and methods to stop fraud and the controls that victim organizations employ to seek improvements for our organizations.   

8 - 11:30 a.m.
Top Five Tax Topics of 2017

Event Code: 12035  |  CPE: 4 General
Join us for our annual four-hour expedition through the harbors and swamps on the tax landscape this season. Uncover issues with wide applicability and importance in 2017 and explore the practical implications, potential pitfalls, and planning opportunities. 

12:30 - 4 p.m.
Critical Tax Factors in Business Life Cycle Decision-Making

Event Code: 12039  |  CPE: 4 General
Address the tax aspects of the decision-making process that a business owner must undertake throughout the life cycle of the business. Begin by agreeing to a basic set of facts for the hypothetical business that will form the basis of our discussion and then review key life cycle decisions and their tax-oriented alternatives, beginning with the choice of entity and moving through additional key decisions affecting the operation, maturation, growth, and sale of the business. The course culminates with an exercise in which teams of participants will independently negotiate the terms of a sale of the mature business, based upon a single set of facts.

8 - 11:30 a.m.
Latest Developments in Government and Nonprofit Accounting 2017 (Yellow Book)

Event Code: 12037 |  CPE: 4 A&A
With two active standard setters (i.e., the GASB and FASB), there are always important developments occurring in government and nonprofit accounting. Time is valuable and it's hard to stay current in today's rapidly changing environment. Let us save you time and effort in staying current through this informative update course, enabling you to excel in the constantly changing government and nonprofit environment. The materials utilize a highly illustrative and innovative format. Over a dozen focused exercises are included to provide an enhanced working knowledge of the latest developments in government and nonprofit accounting.

12:30 - 4 p.m.
Recent Frauds Occurring in Not-for Profit Entities and Governments (Yellow Book)

Event Code: 12041  |  CPE: 4 A&A
Regardless of whether the fraud was material, the media and the public frequently ask how the auditor and those within the entity could not have detected the fraud. Fraud can be very difficult to detect, particularly without the luxury of hindsight. Look at over 20 frauds that recently occurred and with the luxury of hindsight study how they happened and perhaps how they could have been prevented or detected. The materials utilize a highly illustrative and innovative format. Over a dozen focused exercises are included to provide an enhanced knowledge of fraud occurring in not-for-profit entities and governments.